The Road to Recovery: Using a Relapse Prevention Plan to Stay Sober

Relapse Prevention Plan

A relapse prevention plan (RPP) is a comprehensive plan developed by individuals in recovery to help them avoid relapsing back into their addiction. It is a set of strategies and tools that help individuals identify and manage triggers, build coping skills, and stay focused on their recovery goals. Relapse is a common experience for many […]

Researchers Identify Brain Cells That Put Brakes On Heroin Relapse

Summary: Drug or opioid addiction treatment is quite challenging, and even more challenging is preventing relapse. For decades researchers have focused on neurons and various brain centers to understand changes that occur with drug addiction and neuronal changes associated with heroin relapse. However, now researchers realize that what they have been considering as supportive brain […]

To improve addiction treatment, the US must start by fixing this website

Addiction treatment

Summary: One of the first steps in addiction treatment is finding the right clinic. However, those with some addiction find it highly challenging to find the right information. They often regard lack of information as the biggest hurdle in addiction treatment. Fortunately, SAHAMSA, a US govt. agency has developed a website, where one can […]

Quit Genius raises $64 million for its addiction treatment telehealth startup

Summary: Addiction is a global pandemic, affecting millions in every nation. It is a kind of mental health disorder that requires treatment. However, data shows that 90% of people do not seek medical attention for their addiction. There are many barriers to seeking medical help, like high costs, inability to travel, and low patient privacy. […]

Researchers Exploring Gut Microbiota For Managing Mental Health Issues

Summary: Researchers know that changes in gut microbiota have an adverse impact on mental health management. These changes are among the significant reasons for the rise of common mental health problems. Using germ-free mice, researchers can now understand the role of different types of gut microbiota in mental health. Additionally, they can also start using […]

Isotonitazene: The Most Potent Opioid, Continues To Tighten Its Grip

Summary: Opioid overdose-related deaths are rising in the US. Statistics show that most such deaths occur due to synthetic opioid overdose and opiate abuse, as these drugs are more potent than popular street drugs like heroin. For example, fentanyl is 50 times more potent than heroin. However, in recent years, overdose-related cases due to a […]

Opioid Exposure During Pregnancy May Result In A Small Fetal Brain

Summary: Opioids are not prescribed in pregnancy. However, so many people are living with opioid use disorder (OUD). Thus, it is no surprise that many pregnant women are exposed to opioids. Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) causes many pregnancy-related complications like increased risk of preterm birth. However, now a study shows that opioid exposure during pregnancy […]

Childhood Obesity: Everything You Ought To Know

Childhood Obesity

Summary: Almost 40% of US children are overweight or obese. However, childhood obesity remains a neglected topic, as, unlike adults, children do not develop severe diabetes or cardiovascular problems. Nonetheless, it is worth understanding that childhood obesity means a greater risk of obesity and related disorders in early adulthood. Thus, if we want to tackle […]